Pre-conference: ASEP-CSEP 2-Day Prep, 15-16 Oct 2019

Preparation for INCOSE ASEP/CSEP Certification - two day tutorial. To know more, click here

Systems Engineering Certification - Paper Exam, 18th October

18th October 2019, 3:30 PM at the conference venue.

EWLSE Workshop: Women in Engineering - Not a Damsel in Distress: 19th October 2019

Empowering Women as Leaders in Systems Engineering (EWLSE) mission is to create a systems engineering environment welcoming to all; promote the demonstrated value of women as systems engineers and leaders; engage women in engineering and systems engineering at all levels of education around the world; and enable increased participation and retention of women in systems engineering leadership. EWLSE Workshop will be conducted on 19th October at Hotel Shangri-La. To know more, please send email to


  • Two day AOSEC 2019 conference. 

17th October 2019

  • Day 1: Forenoon: Inaugural function & Plenary Sessions
  • Day 1: Afternoon: Parallel Track - Paper presentations (Refereed & Non-refereed)

18th October 2019

  • Day 1: Forenoon: Parallel Track - Paper presentations (Refereed & Non-refereed)
  • Day 1: Afternoon: Plenary Sessions & Valedictory function

Refereed Papers - Oral Presentation

[Preliminary list, subject to change. List ordered by Submission ID]

  • 2 Percolation-Based Metrics to Quantify Resilience of Communication Systems
  • 6 Teaching STPA and OPM to Engineering Students – Industry Academia Experiences
  • 8 Approach to Designing Systems for Delivering Value
  • 11 Modular Semantically Integrated System Modelling
  • 13 System Level Modelling of Batteries in Satellite Power System in Multiple Source and Multiple Load Configuration
  • 16 Implementation And Realisation Of Micro Digital Sun Sensor (Mdss) Processing In FPGA
  • 17 Systems Complexity in Conceiving an Optical Payload for Remote Sensing Spacecraft – A case study
  • 41 Application of Object-Process Methodology in Project Management- A Case Study of Mumbai Metro Line 3
  • 42 Multi-objective modeling and analysis of an electric pickup vehicle for range, performance, drivability, handling and ride comfort attributes
  • 43 Safety Assurance Case Description Method for Systems Incorporating Off-Operational Machine Learning and Safety Device
  • 44 Systems Engineering Challenges of making spinning satellite vs rotating payload to improve systems reliability
  • 48 The INCOSE-PPI Systems Engineering Tools Database – What’s Coming
  • 50 A Method of Art Thinking for Adapting to Systems Engineering of Utilizing Architectural Framework for Self-Organizing
  • 55 Challenges in the Automation of Eddy Current evaluation system for Spacecraft Propellant Tanks
  • 57 A System Dynamic Model to Assess Cost and Profitability in Reverse logistics in Apparel Industry
  • 69 Approaching the Indian Bullet train Project through a System thinking approach
  • 75 Modeling operations of a construction worksite system
  • 76 A System and Method for improving the Model Based System Engineering Environment capability
  • 88 System of Systems (SoS) modelling of the problem of UAS integration into controlled airspace
  • 89 Ameliorating the methodology to chill rocket fuels for Launch vehicle
  • 102 Aircraft landing performance assessment through post-flight data analytics
  • 109 System Design approach for Service Oriented Communication using Autosar Methodology
  • 111 Developing Robust 3D Printed Parts for Automotive Application using Design for Additive Manufacturing and Optimization Techniques
  • 113 Estimation of Differential Code Bias of IRNSS Satellite using Global Ionosphere Map
  • 116 Characterisation and optimisation of MEMS based pressure sensors for deep space missions
  • 120 Technical Measures Perspective in Selection of Handling Qualities Criteria for Flight Control Design
  • 126 Systems Approach for Integration of Medicine and Therapy to Alleviate Pain of Human Musculoskeletal System
  • 132 System engineering aspects of One-Way CDMA based Range and Integrity Monitoring Stations (RIMS) for NavIC system
  • 136 Timescale Ensemble Performance Enhancement through use of Artificial Neural Network
  • 137 Designing an on-board Macro Executor for Payload (MEP) for optimized payload operations of Earth Observation satellites
  • 140 Smart City as System of Systems for Vertical Farming and Autonomous Driving

Refereed Papers - Poster Presentation

[Preliminary list, subject to change.  List ordered by Submission ID ]

  • 26 Test Driven Development: Process for AUTOSAR Software Development
  • 30 A method to engineer the SCADA by auto discovering the devices and auto engineering the monitoring points from various TCP/IP based open standard connectivity
  • 47 Virtual Integration In Avionics Systems - RTOS
  • 62 Is there any space in Space??
  • 77 Assessing the Potential of IoT in Systems Engineering Discipline
  • 85 Challenges in the system engineering of a Precise Timing Facility for NavIC
  • 105 Systematic Approach for Specification and Configuration Finalization of Antenna Gimbal Mechanism on Satellites
  • 106 Coordinated UAV for Efficient Field Inspection
  • 108 Implementation of ECU Specific Requirements in ODX Generation Using Variation Management
  • 125 ECU Inter-processor data communication End to End verification in Autosar for achieving Functional safety Goals

Non-Refereed Presentations

[Preliminary list, subject to change]

  • A modelling approach for integration of systems engineering and program management
  • Systems Engineering with Agile Methodologies in Large Agriculture Machines Software Development
  • Case study - System Engineering of a cargo Door Control Unit
  • Industry 4.0 – Accurate and Reliable Data
  • Spinning a Smart, Digital Thread for MBSE of Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Overcoming a Systems Engineering culture
  • Engineering Robust Aerial Swarm Systems
  • SysML v2 - Next-generation, scalable, and enterprise-ready open standard for model-based systems engineering
  • Analytics in Aerospace Industries
  • Digital and Social systems: Understanding the hidden pattern
  • Internet of Things – Effective Stakeholder engagement with Architecture modelling approach

Detailed program: Coming soon....